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Team Organization framework

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The “Last Stand” event will be a story driven experience that is tied to the game flow. As the story progresses during the game session, it will change the dynamics and funnel players to objective based events that will occur. To aid in the immersion of the story each squad will represent a “clan”, and all the different squads (Clans) is under the command of a clan leader which will be your respective teams, either the United Sky Castles or the White Horse Alliance.


In order to focus on the gameplay and reduce the complexity of organization, the Last Stand event will use a simplified command structure and radio channels. We will also provide players with some freedom of organization to allow them to create their squads as they see fit. This will hopefully give some personal incentives to help each other and also to complete game objectives as they arise.


Both sides will have their own command team to ensure a consistent flow of information, objective updates, and an open line of communications to the admins throughout the game. Players can also get into contact with the command team/admins for contracts and tasks to complete as well as any general game information.


The command team of each side will have one general use channel which will be shared between the command team, and their squad leaders only. This means that only squad leaders can talk to the command team, and will have to relay any information they receive to their squad members. For individual squad member channels, it is up to the players to decide.

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