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Only the dead have seen the end of war.
- Plato

It is 2032. Massive global financial turmoil has caused conflicts between major nations over previously shared resources. Any sort of prior allegiances and treaties are all in the past; now countries only think for themselves. This has led to a breakout of proxy conflicts. Despite the conflicts not escalating to a world war, the threat of nuclear weapons still loomed overhead. However, the war ended before it could start.  No one knew where the virus came from, yet it eradicated civilizations as we know it.


A few countries secretly developed a new bioweapon that was designed to only destroy their enemies and thus seize control over the remaining global resource deposits. During initial tests, the viral weapon displayed promising potential and was thus deployed. It was a success.... Or so they thought.

29 days later, anarchy, turmoil, and chaos reigned. Governments destabilized in matter of weeks. Pockets of resistance and civilians that remain have banded together into survivor clans, doing anything to survive regardless of allegiances, flags, politics, and the countries they used to swear oath to. What was going to be a war-winning weapon ended up going out of control. The virus mutated swiftly after its deployment and infected the world's population on a mass scale, including the original creators. 

With resources dwindling and the last bits of humanity living on a thread, the question remains: Who will make it to the end and who will make this last stand? It has been 29 days since the disaster, and this end of the month marks doomsday. DAY 1.


Throughout the world, remaining survivors of both military and civilian backgrounds formed alliances and did what they could to survive. Old conflicts was the least of their concerns. Now, it is all about surviving and scavenging up what remains of edible food and livable territory. The two largest remaining clans in the West are the United Sky Castle and the White Horse Alliance. Both groups have been in conflict over territory and resources. Unbeknownst to both clans, there is a hidden organization working the shadows known only as Scarlet Sector. No one really knows what they do nor the true power they hold. They have only started to appear in recent conflicts but it seems that both clans have been altered their objectives. Whether, they have been influenced by Scarlet Sector agents is unknown and how the conflicts will increase in intensity remains to be seen. 

May 19, Friday Night - The Battle Begins

With resources up for grabs, the inevitable clash erupts. Both armies converge from the north and south. The Blue Team, United Sky Castle, positions in the south, while the White Team, White Horse Alliance, maneuvers in the north. The battle ignites on Friday night, with fierce attacks driving the frontlines to the center. Intent on a swift victory, both sides are caught off guard as the conflict spreads rapidly, engulfing all eight cities. Mech units and tactical tanks emerge as key players, with the White Team unleashing overwhelming heavy tanks, pushing the Blue Team into a desperate struggle.



May 20, Saturday - The Plot Thickens

In the early hours, the Blue Team dispatches rapid response units to seize several towns. Alarmed, the White Team mobilizes its mech units to cleanse the battleground. However, delays in the arrival of Blue Team's mech units jeopardize their efforts, allowing the White Team to seize six towns and advance towards the northern regions. The Blue Team's stronghold in the north teeters on the brink of collapse...

A clandestine organization, the Scarlet Sector, closely monitors the conflict. Under the cover of night, they strike a deal with the Blue Team, offering covert support.

The White Team ambushes and loots the neutral market area, forcing the Red Team to retreat to F-08.

The Blue Team declares its intention to protect the market, deploying forces to the neutral zone. But the market, traditionally under Red Team's control, raises suspicions. Is the Blue Team's move sanctioned by the Red Team, or driven by their own ambitions?

Blue forces amass in the north.

The White Team faces retaliatory strikes from the Red Team, with drones and chemical attacks decimating their forces. Highways 22 and 23 are cleared, dealing a severe blow to the White Team, forcing them to retreat to South 5, battered and bruised.

And so the battle rages on, with strategic maneuvers, unexpected alliances, and relentless onslaughts shaping the outcome of the war.

The Blue Team advances towards the market area from routes 20, 62, and 26.
As the Blue Team's main forces head towards route 20 (D-12) market, they fall into an ambush by the White Team's mech units. Despite a valiant effort, the Blue Team's small units are overwhelmed and annihilated.
With the White Team's defenses breached, the Blue Team successfully infiltrates and seizes control of the market. Their main forces continue to gather.
The Blue Team effortlessly secures North Zone 4.

Meanwhile, the Red Team enforces a ceasefire in the towns, prohibiting any attacks for one hour.

The White Team discovers the Blue Team's plot: the fabricated attack on the market under the guise of White Team soldiers incites the Red Team's retaliation, allowing the Blue Team to seize the market opportunistically.

As a result, the White Team holds South Zones 5, 6, 7, and 8, while the Blue Team dominates North Zones 1, 2, 3, and 4, along with the market.

Infuriated by the deception, the White Team mobilizes heavy forces to besiege the market. Their mech units converge at F-08, while four units assemble at F-10, planning a decisive assault on the market. Thus, the battle intensifies, with the market zone becoming a battleground, and the entire map engulfed in warfare.

Whisky 7 of the White Team, seeing no progress in capturing the market, shifts strategy towards the north. They gradually seize North Zones 2 and 1, with the Blue Team losing control of North Zone 1. In a retaliatory move, the Blue Team dispatches forces to reclaim their flag.

Blue Team's Tier 1 and 2 squads infiltrate the White Team's territory in the south. They seize the White Team's flag, capturing South Zone 5, and deploy troops to escort the flag and claim their reward.

Whisky 5 of the White Team recaptures South Zone 5.

The two forces clash at Map H-08 and H-09.

The White Team seizes control of North Zone 3 (Flag 3).


Saturday Second Half - Unexpected Turn of Events

A rebellion within the White Team sees heavy mech tanks defecting to the Blue Team. The Blue Team, deploying their Brave 1 unit, retakes North Zone 3.

White Team's Whisky 4 and 10 units pursue the Blue Team from routes 22 and 23, chasing them all the way to North Zone 4 (Flag 4).

With coordinated efforts from their heavy mech tanks, mobile units, and rapid response teams, the Blue Team penetrates the southern half, capturing vast territories and towns. Intense battles rage until dusk...

The Southern forces secure North Zone 3.

The White Team captures North Zone 1.
The White Team launches an attack from the south towards North Zone 4.
Blue Team's 1st unit, along with mobile units, pushes the White Team from Route 23 back south to Map H-12/12.
Blue Team's 2nd unit recaptures North Zone 1.
White Team's 2nd, 10th, and 4th units simultaneously assault from the south, east, and north, finally seizing North Zone 4.

White Team's Whisky 2 captures the Blue Team's flag.
Blue Team's Brave 2 unit recaptures the flag.

The battlefield erupts in chaos as fierce battles break out across the north and south. The Blue Team's momentum sweeps through the northern half, capturing South Zones 6, 7, and 8, while the White Team retreats to defend South Zone 5, their last stronghold.

With the Blue Team closing in on South Zone 5, the White Team's command scrambles, urgently deploying reinforcements, with all hands on deck.

White Team's reinforcements, along with the 7th unit's mobile forces equipped with night vision, join the fray.

Concentrating their forces in South Zone 5, the White Team forms the impromptu Evil Apes unit. The 7th unit penetrates into Map H-07, cutting off the Blue Team's access from the north, while the Bad Apes unit disrupts from the south, launching a surprise assault towards South Zone 6. The remaining White Team forces mount a fierce attack towards South Zone 7.

With assaults from three directions, the south becomes a battleground, engulfing Zones 5, 6, 7, and 8 in flames.

The White Team breaches the encirclement, extending the conflict to the north. The Blue Team's encirclement is broken.

While the Blue Team reinforces with night warfare units equipped with night vision, their effectiveness is limited. In a series of intense battles, the Blue Team suffers significant losses, with their mobile units scattered and territories gradually falling back into the hands of the White Team.

The Blue Team retreats to defend North Zone 3.

The Blue Team sends their 1st unit to launch a fierce assault on South Zone 5.
The White Team occupies North Zone 2.
The White Team seizes control of North Zone 1.
The White Team captures North Zone 4, seizing the Blue Team's flag.

With this, the White Team turns the tide of battle, and the Blue Team holds on desperately to North Zone 3.

The White Team delivers the Blue Team's flag to their headquarters, scoring points.

North Zone 3 falls, and the Blue Team loses all territories.

The Blue Team's flag is taken, with no territory to retreat, they ultimately regroup at the marketplace.



May 21, Sunday - The Final Showdown - Last Stand

The remaining Blue Team forces gather at the marketplace, facing a last stand situation. Losing territory means they can't replenish their forces. They rely solely on the few remaining medic kits to break through the siege. This fight will be their last chance, dead or alive, it's their Last Stand.

The White Team amasses heavy forces at North Zone 4 and South Zone 5, forming a siege and launching a full-scale assault on the marketplace. This is their final battle. All the resources and peace will be theirs. They will be the Last Stand.

After their intense counterattack last night, several White Team units withdraw from the battlefield.

Conversely, the Blue Team's final stand sees their entire army mobilized, including all mobile units, ready to fight to the last breath.

The Blue Team sends out a large force to confront the White Team head-on in the south, while three mobile units are dispatched to attack from the north via routes 20, 26, and 62.

Blue Team's 2nd unit captures North Zone 2.
Blue Team's mobile units secure North Zone 3.
Blue Team captures North Zone 1.

Blue Team's 2nd unit seizes control of South Zone 5.
Blue Team captures South Zone 7 and 8.
Blue Team's 2nd unit further captures South Zone 6.

The Blue Team launches a desperate counterattack.

The Blue Team commander orders the relocation of their flag to the nearest occupied zone.
The Blue Team's flag is moved to North Zone 2, establishing a new command center.

The White Team realizes the dire situation and intensifies their offensive. Both the north and south fronts see heated battles once again.

With the loss of their mobile units, the White Team faces successive defeats while the Blue Team gains ground with soaring morale.

The White Team attempts to send out squads to ambush the Blue Team's rear, briefly occupying North Zones 1 and 2, but they are quickly reclaimed by the Blue Team.

The intense battle reaches a stalemate in the south...

The Red Team observes quietly from the shadows, completely surprised by the Blue Team's resource gains, including the neutral market zone that was originally under Red Team's control. Balancing the two factions is their aim, as one side becoming too dominant isn't favorable for the Red Team. Eventually, they intervene.

13:00 Ceasefire

With no retreat options left, the White Team retreats to South Zone 8. At this point, the Red Team steps in to mediate, calling for a ceasefire between the two factions.


The White Army catches a brief moment to recover, while the Blue Army, feeling disgruntled, is on the verge of complete dominance when the Red Army intervenes. But what's the deal with the Red and Blue? Are they pals or foes? In the end, it's all about each faction plotting for their own gain.


Three months later, emissaries from all three factions convene for talks. The power plays at the negotiation table are just another form of combat. What kind of scenario will unfold next.......

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