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Vehicle Submissions Now Open

Hi All,

We are pleased to announce that we are now taking vehicle submissions for the event. If you are looking to bring your own vehicle for use, please sign up now!


Based on your feedback last year, we have made significant changes to the vehicle rules to ensure a smoother gameplay experience. To register your vehicles please use the submission form in the link below and please read the vehicle rules.

Some major changes to vehicles are (for all details please check the rulebook):

  • All vehicles must carry a radio and minimum one fire extinguisher

  • Turrets and roof firing positions are allowed

  • Restrictions on turret shielding/armor

  • Front windshield and cabin area must be covered to facilitate a new destruction mechanic

  • Cabin passengers can no longer fire from inside the vehicle, players must be on the top turret or trunk/bed area and partially exposed to fire

  • Vehicle can only be destroyed by anti-vehicle paintball fired from a 40mm launcher (see rulebook page 27), killing the driver, Yellow gas smoke grenades, artillery strike, and blocked by vehicle barriers

  • If driver is killed the vehicle is destroyed, no revive for driver

  • Destroyed vehicles counts a points per destruction, must go to admin area to have hit registered.


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