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Prepare to drop! Last Stand Act II 2024

We hope all the participants had a great time during Last Stand: Fallen Sky 2023. It was an intense fight over the course of three hot days between both teams, not to mention the mosquitoes.

After a long editing process we hope everyone enjoys the footage of the event. There were hours and hours of footage recorded and 20 minutes' definitely does no justice in showing the scale of the event. For that you will have to really be there and experience it yourself. We thank everyone who participated and for those looking to participate we encourage you to come out and play. No prior Milsim experience required.

The Last Stand event series is unlike any other, it features gameplay experiences for all experience levels from those who is there first time to such a large event to those looking for overnight challenge. Each of your individual actions as a player will change how the story plays out, Fallen Sky was just the first part of a grand story. We would like to thank everyone who came out to participate in this event.

That said the story continues in May 17-19 2024 Last Stand Act II

See you in Last Stand II !


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