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Last Stand 2: The Conspiracy

Are You Ready?

To jump into another three days of exciting airsoft! Earlier this year we hosted the first and hopefully many of the Last Stand series of airsoft events. After taking your player feedback, we have made significant changes and improvements that will improve the gameplay and features for the upcoming event next year. With that being said we are pleased to announce “Last Stand 2: The   Redacted_ Conspiracy” happening May 17-19, 2024

The story continues right after “Last Stand 1: Fallen Sky”, after a surprising breakout assault by members of Sky Castle, who held their last stand in the market, they were able to recapture a significant portion of White Horse’s held sectors. A temporary ceasefire was then called upon by Scarlet Sector which aimed to mediate the relationship between the two groups. Scarlet Sector which has been fueling both sides of the conflict attempted to get a favorable deal however, before the peace talks could be concluded a mysterious group managed to disrupt the talks and eliminate some key figures from all three groups. With the peace talks in ruins, a new conflict remerges between members of White Horse and Sky Castle. Meanwhile, Scarlet Sector has retreated into the shadows investigating the mysterious group. Each of your individual actions as a player will change how the story plays out. Last Stand 1: Fallen Sky was just the first part of a grand story. Which side are you on? Will you help White Horse reclaim their glory? Fight for Sky Castle and claim more territory? Find the mysterious hitman? All of this is up to you in Last Stand 2!

For those not familiar with the Last Stand event series, this airsoft event is unlike any other, it features gameplay for all experience levels, for large event first timers to those looking for hardcore night challenge. The Last Stand series is not a traditional “milsim” event, it is a multi-layered game for all experience levels. Although there are some “milsim” aspects such as the use of radios, maps, and squad organization, you do not need a high level of experience to participate.

Game tickets can be purchased on or 

Room accommodations will be announced at a later date

For Facebook users you can join the event info page here, and your respective team groups

For those who do not use Facebook all relevant event information will be posted on the Last Stand event website


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