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2023 Last Stand Q&A Part One

Some Q&A from the players, about the Last Stand Event. Watch the whole video or select the sections you want to comprehend.

0:58 Eye Protection

2:51 Uniform, Patches, Armbands

4:15 How the patches and armband work

6:50 Rain gear

8:55 FPS, Pistols, SMG

10:45 Grenade Launcher

11:40 LMG

13:38 Weapon classes, FPS Limit

14:27 LMG, 440FPS, 0.28

15:34 Gas Mask

16:35 Camping, RV, Rooms

19:08 Food booth at the campsite

20:16 The Market / Admin Area

24:19 Night mode, Flashlight, Tracer, Laser

29:35 Radio

32:33 Barrel Cover, Dead Rag More information please check


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